Protect Your Children

As parents we spend our life caring for, loving, and providing for our children.  We do our best to protect our children while providing a secure foundation for their future.  We make sure they eat healthy, are educated, and kept safe.  But, what if something happened to you?  Do you know what would happen to your children?

Protect Your Children Protect Your Children

Prevent Elder Abuse - 10 Warning Signs

Are you or a loved one at risk of being a victim of elder abuse?  Elder abuse occurs in many scenarios and is not limited to physical or financial harm.  Following are the warning signs to be aware of to protect yourself and loved ones from being victimized.

Courtesy of Georgia Public Radio Courtesy of Georgia Public Radio

How A Will and Trust Are Different

Knowing the functional difference of a Will versus a Trust can help you make the best estate planning decisions for your needs. Learn more about how the documents differ to determine the most appropriate tool for your estate planning needs.

How A Will and Trust Are Different How A Will and Trust Are Different

Estate Rights of Adopted and Foster Family Members

We recently had a meeting with two men who were foster children/siblings in a family from the time they were ages 5 and 6, but were never adopted.  The men were regarded as sons and brothers of the foster family.  Now, in their late fifties, one of their brothers has passed away and they need to know if they have any beneficiary rights to their foster brother's estate in Ohio.

Estate Rights of Adopted and Foster Family Members Estate Rights of Adopted and Foster Family Members

Legal Guide For Survivors

Survivors...What You Need To Know

When a loved one passes away, the emotions can be overwhelming for the family.  Yet, there are many questions which need decided rather quickly.  So, what do you do?

Legal Guide For Survivors Legal Guide For Survivors

Estate Planning for the Digital Age

In today's modern world most people have a digital presence, if nothing els, an email account.  So, what happens to those digital accounts when you pass away?  Most people do not realize that it may be impossible for their loved ones to gain access to their important emails, or other accounts online once they are gone.

Estate Planning for the Digital Age Estate Planning for the Digital Age

Estate Planning Guide

Many people feel they are too busy to take the time to complete their estate, or they simply believe they do not need an estate plan.  Further, creating an estate plan may seem burdensome and confusing.  So many people simply avoid the process altogether.  However, the process can be relatively easy and stress free if you follow our 7 Steps of Estate Planning.

Estate Planning Guide Estate Planning Guide

Learn More...Earn More.

We are getting pumped for the upcoming Trial Lawyer MMA Conference being held in Aspen, Colorado.  To find out more about this exclusive opportunity to learn more and earn more.

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