Want To Be Buried On Your Motorcycle?

You are not alone.  The question is, can you be buried on your motorcycle?  The answer is yes, with the proper planning. Want To Be Buried On Your Motorcycle? Want To Be Buried On Your Motorcycle?

As was recently reported in a news story in Northeast Ohio, if you plan ahead, your burial wishes, however unique may be accomplished.

Where Do You Begin?  

First, you must decide on how you wish to be buried.  Second, you need to contact funeral homes to determine which facility is best suited and willing to accommodate your unique burial requests.  Before you sign any pre-need contract with a funeral home locate a cemetery which will permit the desired unorthodox burial.  You will also want to learn what restrictions the cemetery has and what requirements must be met in order to fullfill your wishes, as well as the purchase price for the plot and any additional cost for such extra-ordinary services. 

Update and Coordinate Your Estate Planning Documents

Contact an attorney to review your plans and to assure you have the necessary estate planning documents in place to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.  It is important to have a Last Will and Testament which identifies the person you selected to be the legal representative of your estate.

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Get Started Today

Estate planning is a task which many people tend to avoid for a variety of reasons.  However, if you have a desire to be buried atop your motorcycle or in some other unique fashion, you should start planning now.  The lawyers at The Dicello Law Firm, Probate Division, have the knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish your estate planning goals.  Contact an an attorney today to help you plan for tomorrow (440) 530-3605.  

*The above information is provided as a courtesy service by The DiCello Law Firm and is not intended to replace legal advice provided by a licensed attorney. 

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