Prevent Elder Abuse - 10 Warning Signs

Are you or a loved one at risk of being a victim of elder abuse?  Elder abuse occurs in many scenarios and is not limited to physical or financial harm.  Following are the warning signs to be aware of to protect yourself and loved ones from being victimized. Courtesy of Georgia Public Radio Courtesy of Georgia Public Radio

10 Warning Signs:

  • 1.  You (or a loved one) are prevented from seeing family and/or friends.  Family members are treated as intruders, or consistently informed you are not able to see or talk with visitors when they call or arrive.
  • 2.  You (or a loved one) are not receiving your mail. 
  • 3.  Your (or a loved one's) access to telephone communication is eliminated.
  • 4.  You (or a loved one) are not permitted to visit with people in private.  A caregiver/nurse/guardian/attorney-in-fact insists on being present during visit.
  • 5.  Your loved one appears distant, confused, combative, depressed, or sluggish.  This may be an indication of improper medication, or the need for additional medical care.
  • 6.  Ownership of assets have been retitled, transferred, or simply disappeared.  Financial documents cease being delivered or are diverted to another individual. 
  • 7.  Tax returns are not being filed and/or taxes are not being paid. 
  • 8.  Personal possessions are missing from your (or a loved one's) residence.
  • 9.  You (or your loved ones) are advised that visits are upsetting family members.
  • 10.  The Guardian or attorney-in-fact refuses to communicate with you regarding your (or your loved one's) care and circumstances.

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Elder abuse is rampant across the country.  Educate yourself and family to help prevent elder abuse

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