Protect Your Children

As parents we spend our life caring for, loving, and providing for our children.  We do our best to protect our children while providing a secure foundation for their future.  We make sure they eat healthy, are educated, and kept safe.  But, what if something happened to you?  Do you know what would happen to your children? Protect Your Children Protect Your Children

The answer depends on you.

Life Happens 

It is easy to get caught up in the daily activities and demands of our busy lives.  Often, taking for granted that tomorrow we will have another chance.  Unfortunately, tomorrows are not guaranteed for any one.  So what do you need to know, what do you need to do?  As parents of minor children, you need to have a Last Will and Testament.  In your Will you can nominate the person to be the guardian of the person and estate of your minor children.

If you want to give your children the best, take the first step in securing their future by getting your Last Will and Testamtne prepared.  It is no harder than signing-up your child for day-camp or sports.  It simply takes a little time, a little information, and minimal effort.

I Don't Need a Will...My Kids Will Get Everything 

Ohio law known as the Statute of Descent and Distribution provides for the distribution of a deceased person's assets when there is not a Last Will and Testament.  However, there are other factors to consider.  For instance, are any of your children still minors?  Are any of your children receiving government assistance benefits?  For these reasons, and many more, a Last Will and Testament is necessary to protect your children in the future.

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Selecting a Guardian

The selection of a guardian of your minor children should be made after thoughtful consideration taking into account the age of the children, nature of the child's relationship with the selected guardian, as well as the person's ability to care for the child.  One of the benefits to electing a guardian in your Last Will and Testament for your minor children, is they will be cared for by people who best know and love them. 

There are other considerations to bear in mind when selecting a guardian for your minor children.  The attorneys at The DiCello Law Firm are expert at protecting the welfare of children and their estates.  We can help you continue to make the best decisions that will ensure the safety and security for the care and benefit of your children.  

If you would like to learn more about selecting a guardian and the importance of completing your estate planning documents call (440) 530-3605 to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney at The DiCello Law Firm.

REFERENCE: Ohio Revised Code Section 2105.06 - Statute of Descent and Distribution

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