5 Reasons You Need To Review or Update Your Will

Many people who follow through with having their estate planning completed often fail to revisit those documents in a timely fashion.  Without accurate up-to-date estate planning documents, your wishes may not be fulfilled. Review or Update Your Will Review or Update Your Will

There are certain events in life which warrant a review of your Last Will and Testament... 

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If you have experienced any of the following five life events, you should review your Will. For assistance with reviewing your Will, or estate planning documents, contact an estate planning attorney at The DiCello Law Firm at (440) 530-3605.  We have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients with simple or complex estate planning matters.

Following are the five most common reasons to review and/or update your Will:

  • 1. When you have or adopt a child, if a child is or becomes developmentally disabled, or if a child passes away.
  • 2. If you, or anyone named in your Will become married, separated or divorced.
  • 3. When major state and federal tax laws change (especially estate taxation laws).
  • 4. When you change your permanent residence to another state.
  • 5. Upon any significant changes in income, wealth, needs, statuses, or goals of the Testator and/or any of the beneficiaries.

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While this list above does not contain all the reasons you should review your Last Will and Testament.  These are the most common events which occur that warrant at least reviewing, if not changing your Will.  Although planning for your demise is not a pleasant task, it is a necessary task if you wish to control and fulfill your desired legacy.  Without timely reviews and revisions, your estate may become the catalyst for in-fighting among your family memebers, and worse yet could be the subject of a lawsuit.

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