Disputes can arise during the administration of a person's trust or estate.  The disputes may be as a result of the fiduciary not following the terms of the trust or Last Will and Testament, or as the result of questionable circumstances.  For instance, was the person competent or under any duress when he or she created or changed the Last Will and Testament?  Did someone misappropriate trust or estate assets? Inheritance disputes and the available options Inheritance disputes and the available options

The DiCello Law Firm Probate Division has the knowledge and expertise to contest or defend some, or all, of the provisions contained in a person's Last Will and Testament or Trust.  We have successfully defended a person's final wishes and have defeated parties contesting those wishes or the actions taken by the fiduciary.

What Can Be Done To Stop The Improper Distribution Of The Estate or a Trust?

An heir or beneficiary has many options to protect the integrity of the estate or trust administration.  Solutions can vary from enforcement actions to mediations, and outright lawsuits that contest the terms of the document or the actions of the fiduciary.

The DiCello Law Firm Probate Division has successfully helped with:

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If you believe someone has interfered with your inheritance of if the fiduciary is not fulfilling his or her fiduciary duties in a lawful manner, it is advisable that you seek legal counsel right away.  Ohio law imposes a strict time restriction for beneficiaries to seek justice in these matters.

The probate attorneys have the expertise, skills and knowledge to uncover any misbehavior by the fiduciary or other beneficiaries as it relates to the distribution of a person's estate.  We have a successful track-record for beneficiaris in these matters.  For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact an attorney at the Proate Division of The DiCello Law Firm today (440) 530-3605.

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