Do you Need a Last Will and Testament?
Yes, everyone should have a Last Will and Testament, which is commonly referred to as a person’s “Will.” Without a Will, the distribution of your estate will be subject to Ohio’s law of intestate succession without any input or direction from you. Ohio Wills Ohio Wills

Therefore, if you desire to control the disposition of your property, creating a Will ensures your control in determining how your estate is managed after you pass away.

The Lawyers of The DiCello Law Firm Probate Division, have the expertise and knowledge to make certain your Will contains your final wishes and will be legally enforceable. Our goal is to create a fail-safe plan for you, which will direct the control and disposition of your estate.

A Will Is the Document You Create Which Identifies Your Final Wishes

With a properly created Will, a person can:

  • Elect who will manage the person’s estate administration;
  • Specify the beneficiaries of the estate;
  • Create a testamentary trust;
  • Protect disabled beneficiaries’ government benefits, so as to not disqualify someone from medical or financial benefits provided by the local, state or federal government;

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A Will is an invaluable tool which enables the maker to control his or her legacy.

The DiCello Law Firm Probate Division Can Help You Create a Will That Will Enforce Your Wishes

There are risks associated with using websites like LegalZoom to create your Will. While the concept of creating your own Will using a website seems simple and convenient, it is very easy to overlook necessary considerations.

Contact The DiCello Law Firm Probate Division, a division of The DiCello Law Firm, today to speak with or schedule a meeting with a dedicated estate planning lawyer and start planning for your future, now.

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